The Lockdown Edition (Day 0)

Tomorrow, Thursday 5th November 2020, the UK embarks on its 2nd official lockdown. It's been about a year since Mathilde and I started our blog, cut short when Mathilde had to halt her adventures as the pandemic advanced, and I was struggling with my health and the emotional backlash of this.

I received a message from Mathilde, now in Oxford UK, on Sunday evening which was a Call To Create. We all know now that lockdown is difficult in different ways for different people, and Mathilde and I have decided that our own way of managing this is to participate in creativity together (at a safe distance, of course, of 221 miles).

So, Mathilde has armed herself with art supplies, I've been mindfully taking photographs for inspiration on my walks, and we have come up with a list of 28 daily prompts on the theme of wellbeing in lockdown (see below). Mathilde will be responding with artwork, as the latest string to her bow, and I am going to respond through different creative outlets depending on the prompt in order to suit my CFS management.

If you want to follow our blog, that would be great. If you would like to use the prompts, fantastic; if you'd like to share what you have made with us - amazing, we would love to see! Pick and choose or try the whole lot, but most importantly keep it an enjoyable, positive experience for yourself.

Creative responses could include:

Art, textiles, photography, writing, music, collage, digital media and just about anything creative you can think of!

The Prompts:

  1. Stargazing

  2. The Beauty of Autumn

  3. Positive Bodies (looking after ourselves)

  4. Slow Down

  5. Imagine

  6. Warmth

  7. The Importance of Outdoors

  8. Rest

  9. Friendship

  10. Letting Go

  11. The Wonder of Technology (or alternatives to...?)

  12. Community

  13. Loving/Bonding

  14. Create

  15. Connecting with Nature

  16. Taking Responsibility

  17. Escape

  18. Furry Friends (real or otherwise...)

  19. Asking for Help

  20. Intimacy

  21. Food, Glorious Food!

  22. Mini Adventures

  23. Hibernate

  24. Go with the Weather

  25. Comfort

  26. Taking Care of Others

  27. Missing Those We Love

  28. We Can Still Dance & Make Music

Let's get making!


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