New Zealand Part I: The Sculpture in the Sand


For this week I am really struggling to choose a picture. Not so much that I have none or loads, but I am hurt with 3 problems:

1. The photos don’t do justice to how lush the scenery is here in the North of the South Island. The beauty is at 360 degrees and taking photos with my camera just cuts it down. 2. I don’t have the correct lense to take pictures of animals. Birds are everywhere and in so many shapes and forms but I can’t get close enough. (My fault since my sister suggested I’d bring another one and I said no.)

3. Taking pictures of strangers is somehow harder.

I think this one [see above] gives justice to all of us: New Zealand, you and me. I found this washed up on a beach where I was dropped off on my hike day. I had woken up early and taken the shuttle from Nelson to Kaiteriteri in the Abel Tasman National Park, and then a boat to Anchorage so I could walk back to Marahau. I was the only one coming off there so I took a bit of time to enjoy the solitude with the sun down on my face, the seagulls walking around and the washed off wood like sculpture in the sand.


Watercolour paint on cold pressed watercolour paper. I battled with how to approach this painting for about 10 days after receiving it from my friend. I decided to take just the idea of the driftwood sculpture by selecting the element which stood out to me the most: the twisting dark cross against the beautiful blue sky and twinkling shoreline.


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